Table of contents

  1. Bernouilli Theorem and the sensible sizing of relief valves

  2. Orifice Plates Dimensions

  3. Orifice Plates Thickness Calculations

  4. Flow Element Sizing. ISO-5167

  5. Syphons and Pig-tails Dimensions

  6. Thermowell Vibrations

  7. Thermal Relief Calculations

  8. Steam Drum Level Measurement

  9. Air Accumulator Sizing

  10. Natural Gas Molecular weight, heating value, and Pseudo-Properties (Pc, Tc, Cp/Cv) Calculator

  11. Gas compressibility factor,Z, and gas densities Z-calc

  12. Pipe friction losses.

  13. Control Valve Sizing. ISA-75

  14. Relief Valve Sizing. Gases and Vapours

  15. Relief Valve Sizing. Liquids

  16. Thermocouple tables. IEC 60584

  17. Cable voltage drop calculations

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