Pressure Losses in pipes

Pipe internal diameter mm   Roughness mm
Mass flow rate kg/h   Density kg/m3
Viscosity mPa.s (cp)   Pipe Length m
Elevation Difference
Hout - Hin
m   Pressure Difference
Pout - Pin
Entrance d/D ratio (0-1)   Exit d/D ratio(0-1)
QTY Short radius ELLs   QTY Long radius ELLs
QTY TEEs (Branch)   QTY TEEs (Run)
QTY Check Valves (Lift)   QTY Check Valves (Swing)
QTY Globe Valves   QTY Butterfly Valves
QTY Ball Valves   QTY Gate Valves
QTY Pipe Unions   Other Fittings K value
Velocity m/s   Reynolds number
Friction Factor   Equivalent Length m
Friction Loss kPa   Dynamic Pressure kPa
Elevation Pressure kPa   Total Pressure kPa
Total Head m   Power required kW

Darcy friction factor calculated by Colebrook's formula when Re > 2200
Elevation Pressure = (Hout - Hin) . g . Density
Total Pressure = Friction Loss + Dynamic Pressure + Elevation Pressure + Pout - Pin
Total head is simply the conversion of Total pressure to head.

Typical Roughness Values:
Asphalted cast iron0.122mm
Cast iron0.259mm