LiveSkipper Xmas Whale Auto-Start Procedure

  1. Anchor the whale at your chosen starting point and turn off "Auto Heading" as shown on the attached picture

  2. Place a waypoint anywhere as shown below

    Note how the date is set 7 days hence!

  3. Return to the boat (whale) and switch "Auto heading" on. The waypoint will immediately move over the boat (whale) as shown on picture below

  4. Return to the Waypoint and set sail, heading and if required Auto heading.
    You can also edit the time/date in the "Estim." field. Note: in English LS uses the US format "MM.DD hh:mm", in French the format is "DD.MM hh:mm".

  5. Now switch "Schedule" on so the waypoint turns purple.
    Be sure to check that the date and time has not changed. Sometimes it does and "Duration" reads 00:00.

    If it has, simply re-enter date and time in the "Estim." while the waypoint is still purple