Visit the I.I.C.A. for a look at what is happening in Australia in the field of process control.

Or go and see what they do in Ireland and read their on-line magazine: Irish Readout.

Go to America and pay the ISA a visit. Recognised throughout the world as the leading Institute for Instrumentation and Control. Personally, I find their site disappointing and clumsy to navigate, yet they have lots of advertised courses and conferences which can be of interest to all.

Visit the IE Aust for the "official" perspective on Engineering in Australia in all fields. Like many other similar organisations around the world, the "Institution of Engineers, Australia" purports to support the right of its individual members. Personally I disagree with it on just about every policy it puts forward, I see it as slowly eroding the status of engineers rather than enhancing it and overall it is a cumbersome, bureaucratic organisation. But nevertheless, or perhaps because of it, it is regarded by the Australian government as the official representative of Engineers down under.

Other Sites of Interest