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This site is for all. Some parts deal with engineering, with some greater emphasis on process control since this is often what keeps me occupied. It offers some solutions to a few problems which arise in engineering practice and whose solutions found in text books are either incorrect or non existent.

Solve puzzles of a mathematical nature. Common sense is all that's required for most of them.

Follow my brief history of astronomy and help me award posthumous (or not) Nobel Prizes to deserving astronomers like Aristarchus of Samos who, quite a few hundred years before Christ was born, knew the earth was a sphere, knew it spun on its own axis and rotated around the Sun as did the other planets, and is the first man in recorded history to have attempted an extraterrestrial distance measurement. His method at least was correct if his tools were not and the man was a first class genius.
And yes!, I do know that there is no such thing as a real "Nobel Prize in Astronomy", but I also know that quite a few astronomers have nevertheless been awarded Nobel prizes under the guise of "Physics".

Learn a bit about navigation, coastal and celestial. Both are on the endangered arts list, but could come in handy the days the batteries fail on your GPS.

You can also learn about the eVote® site, a system of electronic voting tied to a mailing list, the twist and greatest power in the system is it gives the users (not the site administrator) full control over their ballots and the votes, the system is therefore truly democratic.

There is even a bit of French for those who like to say "Parlez-vous français?"

And a few other links where you can browse other sites worthy of interest.

Finally, thank you for visiting.
If you wish, drop me a line, I always answer.

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